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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Swedish man works shortest ever day

A Swedish man entered the record books yesterday for the smallest amount of work ever done in a working day. Anders Söderberg received a certificate from the Guinness World Records committee in a ceremony in Dublin.

After dropping his kids off at school, and stopping to pick up some coffee and a cinnemon bun, Anders arrived at work around 10.00. He then showed off his new phone to a co-worker and took a 30 minute fika, before receiving a personal phone call about something he was selling on eBay. After that it was nearly lunch time, which lasted over an hour (including a post-lunch fika). After one hour's work, interspersed with some heavy YouTube, he took a third fika before leaving at 2.00 to spend some of his considerable parental leave playing golf.

In an interview for Time Waster magazine, Anders (who was supposed to be at work during the interview) said he was proud to be part of a long Swedish tradition of working short hours. "The trick is to have shitloads of kids," he told the reporter, who didn't hear him the first time because he was playing with his phone.


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