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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rant of the week: People who make for the door half way between tube stops even though they know everyone else will be getting off at the same station

Let me paint a picture. You're on the District line, one minute away from a very busy station. You know that most people in the carriage, including yourself, will get off here, and because you're not a jerk you wait until the train arrives at the station before going for the door. However it turns out there is a jerk on board, and he/she has other ideas. Being a jerk, this person decides to make for the door at least a full minute before the train reaches the station. Never mind that everyone else is getting off here, we all have to make way for Mr/Ms Jackass.

Now if the station wasn't a busy one I'd say "go ahead my friend; you'll have to fight your way out of this packed tube as it is, so you may as well make an early start." But it's not, so instead it's more like "if you'd just wait a few more seconds we'll all be able to get out of here without pushing and shoving, so sit down you obnoxious prick/bitch."